Nichiran Silvernet Foundation

Introducing the Nichiran Silvernet Foundation,
Japanese Mutual Support Network in the Netherlands
– Are you insecure about living alone?
– Are you interested in helping out the elderly?
– Would you like a Japanese conversation partner?
– Would you like to do volunteer work?
– Has it become difficult to speak Dutch?
– Would you like nursing assistance?
– Would you like to read Japanese books?
– Would you like to eat Japanese food?
As of October 2017, the Nichiran Silvernet Foundation consists of 141 members from all over the country, whose ages vary from in their 20’s to over 90’s. The foundation aims to set up a support system where people can help each other in order to improve the lives of Japanese elderly living in the Netherlands.


Chairperson                        Akira Matsumoto, tel: 023-537 66 61
Secretary                           Kazumi Nakamura
Treasurer                           Mayumi Takahashi
Help and Care                    Akemi Vellinga
Event Organiser                 Akira Matsumoto
RSIN Number                    8158.68.236

Whats New

2014.12.01   Renewal Open

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